danger in the workplace

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have the worst time sitting through horror films. Even though I know the films are fake, for some reason, I get all riled up and cannot stop from screaming during the scary parts. So when a friend passed this link to me, I had no idea how gory it was going to be – I mean, hey, it is a PSA from Canada about workplace safety, right? These series on YouTube are delightfully gross, and remind me of Evil Dead as well as this German safety video I posted up here earlier this year.

art of noise

Channel 53, one of my favorite video blog sites, posted the video “Moments of Love” by Art of Noise today, which made me think about how transformative Art of Noise was to me as a child. I remember watching this video and thinking how cool it was to be a punk girl who got to bang up musical instruments in an abandoned warehouse. I wanted to be just like her. Thankfully, my parents wouldn’t let me wear makeup, or I might be in a different place than I am today.

musical road

We’ve all lapsed in our driving attention and wandered onto the median only to be shocked by the loud buzzing noise caused by our tires hitting those strips of pavement in the median. Someone in Japan has taken this to the next level (surprised?) and turned driving into a musical experience.

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